About SAT Prep Classes

Paul and Stephanie believe that an ideal learning environment is one that engages the mind, encourages the application of concepts, and provides ongoing feedback. This is why they keep classes small (with an average size of 8 students), offer 2 full length proctored test simulations along with an immense volume of practice resources, and give students access to an online homework and practice system that not only tracks progress but actually identifies strengths and weaknesses.

Small class sizes allow students to interact closely with instructors. Paul and Stephanie are professional educators who have demonstrated their love for teaching and for sharing their knowledge with students. The exceptional level of interactivity within their classes, paired with their passion, work together to create a powerful learning environment.

Their SAT prep classes come complete with a proprietary suite of workbooks and an advanced online system that tracks homework progress, analyzes practice test results, and offers 1250+ online problems with 40+ hours of video. The resources they offer and the technology they utilize rival the big national brands, but you wouldn’t know it from the price.


*Paul and Stephanie do not guarantee score improvements at this time. Score improvements are entirely determined by the amount of student effort and the number of practice tests sat for. Thus, the guarantees made by other companies are only conditioned on student participation metrics.

Taught in New SAT Format

  • Eight-week course with 16 hours of instruction

  • 2 Full Length Proctored Test Simulations

  • Small group (capped at 12 students)

  • State-of-the-art SAT prep system
  • Includes 600-page Workbook Suite, 1250+ online problems, 40+ hours of video, practice test diagnostics, and detailed progress reports

Sample Math Problem

Sample Reading Problem