About Private Tutoring

In addition to small group SAT classes in Newmarket, we offer private tutoring for standardized tests like the ACT, GRE, PSAT, SSAT as well as in subjects such as general and AP English, Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry.

These sessions can be scheduled at your home or in a study room of a local library. At-home or local private lessons not only allow for the most personal attention for the leaner: they have the secondary benefit of saving time commuting—a real tangible for students juggling sports or other demanding extracurriculars.

Seacoast Test Prep is also amenable to small group private lessons, e.g. 2-3 students living in the same town or from the same school, twin siblings, or siblings close in age.

Session range from one to two hours in duration as we work with your teen to hone in on challenge areas and empower them as confident learners!

For more information, please call 207-200-8659 or email at info@seacoasttestprep.com